Advanced Technology

G-Rex is an optical sensor designed to sense dust particles.
Two diodes and a photoresistor are arranged in the device. Dust particles pass through it and the photoresistor detects the reflected light, converting it into grams/square metre. Data is read by the sensors at set intervals and sent to a server cloud.
Information from the server cloud is converted and made available to users according to a range of service levels, agreed upon individually with each customer while drafting the contract, via a web interface or device.
The number of G-Rex modules to be installed is assessed on a case-by-case basis and depends on the morphology, the building’s construction and the system to be monitored.
Every G-Rex module is entirely energetically autonomous; it is fed by 2 AA batteries that last 3 years in average conditions.

Each sensor is connected via wifi to a 3G/4G router, an integral part of the system. It is supplied by GWA, which ensures transmission – with the aid of range extenders if so required by your Internet architecture – and autonomous information management in the cloud.

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