G-Rex tests and certifies the quality of the air we breathe, providing all health-conscious customers with elements and criteria for choosing. It, thus, helps prevent regrettable mishaps related to air quality, which are, indeed, more and more common as many systems beome outdated.

The system will offer great benefits in these areas:
  • SAFETY: continuous control ensures the best possible conditions to meet requirements for air system cleanliness;
  • IMMEDIATE ECONOMY: as it prolongs and optimises intervals for physical inspections and health and hygiene operations;
  • INDIRECT ECONOMY: as containment of particulate matter within the legal limits of grams/square metre, assures top performance in air conditioning systems;
  • LOGISTICS - ORGANISATIONAL: because il relieves the commissioning body from the problem of air quality, transferring il completely to GWA which, through the service agreement and thanks to its own organisation, is able to ensure and guarantee the satisfactory conditions of the HVAC systens via remote control;
  • OPERATION TECHNICIAN: there is no more downtime to carry out a test that can be conducted without having to stop work operations in these areas covered by the contract;
  • MARKETING: because continuous control of air quality can be a competitive advantage if it is conveyed properly to customers.

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