Air quality in indoor environments in Italy and around the world, is cause for ever increasing concern. Awareness has generated the need for specially designed devices and norms that regulate its proper management.
After 30 years of experience in cleaning and monitoring air systems, G-Wa has taken on the challenge and innovated the monitoring of their air quality.
G-Rex is the exclusive, intelligent monitoring system of particulate matter within HVAC plants; it is revolutionising the approach to safeguarding cleanliness in the air ducts, ensuring continuous, active control.



G-Rex tests the quality of the air we breathe, providing all health-conscious customers with elements and criteria for choosing. It, thus, helps prevent regrettable mishaps related to air quality, which are, indeed, more and more common as many systems beome outdated.


G-Rex is an optical sensor. Two diodes and a photoresistor are arranged in the device.

Dust particles pass through it and the photoresistor detects the reflected light, converting it into grams/square metre. Data is read by the sensors at set intervals and sent to a server cloud.


Anche in Italia, seguendo il modello di altri paesi europei ed extraeuropei, la materia è da qualche tempo disciplinata, in applicazione di una specifica direttiva europea, che riguarda la manutenzione degli impianti di ventilazione e/o condizionamento dell’aria.


23 April 2018

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G-REX is a brand of GWA – Gima Water & Air is a company that is specialised in water and air treatment; for over 40 years it has been working in the field of analysis and planning, installation and management of large primary and wastewater treatment plants.